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What does it mean to truly be present in the moment?  As a yoga teacher we talk a lot about this, but do we really live by this motto off of our mat. We show up, take deep breaths, clear our minds and find a state of peaceful existence. But what next?
I read a lot about personal development, shredding my ego and standing in gratitude to shift my perspective. But what happens when we achieve a personal goal, accomplish a task or even notice the progression in our lives?  Do we celebrate? Do we take the time to look at what we’ve accomplished? Do we congratulate ourselves for the hard work, discipline and perseverance it took to overcome roadblocks?


We live in a society that is constantly telling us to “look at me, like me, see what I’ve done.” So how in the world do we find balance between celebrating accomplishments and becoming a narcissistic, selfie obsessed, entitled human? I know, those are harsh words, but we know we don’t want to be that person.

For me, it starts on the mat.  We can learn a lot about ourselves and the way we handle situations from the way we handle our practice. Think about it... We all have postures that come natural to us. Maybe you have really open hips, and pigeon pose is your jam, or your hands are as steady as your feet and you can stay upside down all day long. Or just maybe it’s your uber gooey spine that allows for backbends to feel like heaven. No matter the case, we have those postures that build up our confidence, give us passion and bring a great big smile to our faces.

 On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have poses that we aren’t as excited to move into, and in many cases, we completely avoid. (For me this is eagle and really anything that twists, binds, and revolves…am I even a yogi?) This is where our ego is humbled and we move into growth. We find that spark in our soul to keep working to accomplish the tiniest, smallest victories to keep progressing.  

Bottom line: this is balance, and it helps us be victorious in life.

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One of my most exciting victories was being featured in People magazine’s “Half Their Size” issue in 2014.  I’ve always been an emotional eater and had a sneakyPeople Magazine Half Their Size 2014 relationship with food.  I’ve tried every diet, every workout, but could never find
balance in health and nutrition. To this day it’s a daily work in progress, but I celebrate my continual progress. What changed for me?  First, finding passion in an activity or movement.  Honestly, going into a gym was a dreaded task, and running hurt my hips. But finding yoga gave me a heart filled with joy…I still get super happy walking into a yoga class.

The other life change is a little tough to explain, but for me it comes down to recognizing the difference in the way you feel when you are fueling your body well.  Sweet tea, fried chicken, french fires and donuts make you sluggish, tired and in need of a nap. For me it was about finding a plan that worked and then listening to my body. But like I said, it’s work I have to put in every day. If I didn’t celebrate my little victories, I wouldn’t be able to maintain the stamina it takes to make this life what I want it to be.

So look at your beautiful self and recognize your achievements and accomplishments. Set goals for growth, and celebrate the brilliance of every single victory with balance. 

Namaste Darling







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Raquel Jackson
Raquel Jackson

February 10, 2016

Sally, this is so beautiful, you are such an inspiration. I am a friend of Pam Leverette, Mary Helen, Jacy, and Gladysa, I had to pleasure of taking one of your yoga classes a couple of years ago at Firefly Enterprise. I love to see you growing and glowing and celebrating miracles. much love and hugs. Raquel

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