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I’ve debated for weeks about this post.  Everyone has an opinion, but remember this is just my own personal opinion and daily struggle.  

Recently, I had to visit my doctor (nothing major or out of the ordinary). I'm not going to lie. One of the main reasons I dread these visits is because at the very beginning of each appointment they ask you to step onto a scale. Honestly, I don’t even put an ounce of nutrition in my system in hopes that that NUMBER will be lower. I don't want to be the girl that gets fixated on a number (even if I am that girl), but it’s always been a hot button for me. As much as I know that number represents nothing about my mind or my soul, it's still such a hard thing to get out of my head. That NUMBER! 

So as usual I asked the nurse not to give me that number. She was so kind, and complementary and gave me a little insight into her own personal struggle, but all I could think about is that she knows that number. It's been a couple weeks and I still keep playing the scenario in my head.

It’s summertime and we spent most of July traveling.  I am pretty disciplined in my eating, but I know that I've let a couple of bad habits slip back into my routine (sweets and breads are my downfall). Yoga girl

I'm constantly looking for resources (books, magazine articles, anything concerning body image, self-love and acceptance)… I gobble it up like it's a cupcake.  But how do I learn to stop the constant obsession with that number, and be proud that I am strong, healthy, energetic and can move my body?The conclusion that I have come up with is that it's not so much the number, as it is the way I feel physically. I know when I feel my best; when I have a daily yoga practice, eat for nutrition and spend time in meditation/prayer. But I also know that when I wear something besides yoga pants, which is a rare occasion, my jeans tell a different story.   

The purpose of this post is to understand that the only person you have to make happy with is yourself. We live in a day and age where people's opinions are tossed around to start controversy or to light a” social” fire.  Yet, when it comes to your body, your opinion and the way you feel is the only thing that matters! 

I know my body. I know where I feel good and deep down I know before I ever step on that scale how I feel!  So decide what that means for you and don’t let a number, person’s opinion or anything else tell you what is right. This is totally about YOU accepting yourself! Find YOUR healthy!

Shine Bright Y'all,





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