About Southern Yoga Girl

Fashion has always been a part of Sally’s life.  As a little girl, she was attracted to anything pink, glittery or sparkly.  Fast forward to her college years and she spent her free time pouring over fashion magazines, reading about designers and shopping for the latest trends.  But it wasn’t until the opportunity arose to enter the film industry as a costumer that Sally decided to seriously explore a career in fashion. 

Working in fashion gave her a deeper knowledge of fabrics, cuts, fit, and the know-how to use fashion as a means to build a character.  Around the same time, she became more committed to her yoga practice for mental clarity, alignment, and to relieve stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, she was only able to squeeze in weekend practices between her 70-80 hour work weeks. While her life in the film industry was certainly glamorous – working with celebrities, meeting talented people, and participating in the making of movie magic – it was also extremely draining.

After 5 years, she decided to take a much-needed break that landed her working for a young contemporary clothing line in Florida.  It was there that she learned about every part of the fashion business: creative, manufacturing, production, sales, and distribution. During this new season, she experienced a more balanced lifestyle and a more positive outlook on life as she had time to take her yoga practice to the next level. She also discovered her home studio, Balance Health Studio and her brilliant teacher, Kelli Precort. Kelli encouraged her to pursue her yoga teacher certification.

During her teacher training, she fell in even more in love with the practice of yoga and its terminology.  She embraced the powerful, cheerful, positive words associated with her yoga practice.  Connecting yoga terminology with her Southern twang and love for brightly colored fashion, Sally dreamed of creating casual, fun shirts to wear to yoga and while she was out and about running her errands.

In 2014, Sally’s dream came to life as she brought her two passions together in Southern Yoga Girl LLC, to create inspiring tees full of color and southern charm. Because shouldn’t your yoga attire shine as bright as your inner light?

If the words on your shirt seem to have a southern twang to them, that’s because most of them are original quotes from Southern Yoga Girl herself! Sally’s personal sparkle is breathed into each piece she designs, paying close attention to quality and detail so that you have one less thing to worry about on your mat.

Southern Yoga Girl offers a variety of inspiring apparel that can flow from the yoga studio to the grocery store effortlessly. Wherever you chose to wear our clothing, we hope you find a way to exercise your giggle along the way.

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